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Peer Presentation Tool Kit


The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation is proud to offer a FREE Peer Presentation Tool Kit for Utah parents and/or school teachers.  This tool kit helps promote tolerance, acceptance and inclusion in any social setting where children with Down syndrome are present.  Here's what you'll get:

  • A booklet with 18 ideas/activities to teach Down syndrome, acceptance, tolerance and inclusion
  • A children's book titled "My Friend Has Down Syndrome"
  • An oven mitt to help demonstrate fine motor challenges in children with Down syndrome
  • A bag of cotton balls to demonstrate hearing loss in some children with Down syndrome
  • A bag of marshmallows to demonstrate speech difficulties for children with Down syndrome
  • Personalized stickers for classmates and peers to wear on the day of the presentation
  • Personalized take-home letters for parents of peers

In addition, UDSF has produced an animated video titled "Down Syndrome 101" that should be used as part of the peer presetation.  This video presents basic facts about Down syndrome and how it affects children with the diagnosis. It is found on YouTube under "Down Syndrome 101 UDSF" and can also be accessed HERE.

To order your FREE Peer Presentation Tool Kit, click HERE.

To order additional stickers and take-home letters for subsequent school years, click HERE (coming soon). There is a $10 charge for this item.