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2021 Celebration

Team T-Shirt Event

Team T-shirts

Designing a Team T-shirt is a fun and creative way for you to invite your family and friends to come together as a team and celebrate your loved one with Down syndrome. You can design a T-shirt for your team from scratch or use a UDSF pre-designed shirt. T-shirt campaigns will run during the summer from June 1 - June 21, July 1-July 21 &  August 1 - August 21. All T-shirts will be directly mailed to your teammates through Bonfire (the company we are running this event through).  Make sure you order your T-shirts in time to wear them to the Mighty Steps for Down Syndrome Walk. 

In addition to creating a T-shirt for your team, this is an easy way for you to create your own fundraiser that supports the programs and activities that UDSF provides for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Each T-shirt you sell supports your loved one with Down syndrome in so many ways! 

MIGHTY Benefits

Receive additional benefits when you order a Team T-shirt: 

*1Funds raised through your T-shirt campaign will be added to your team's walk fundraising.

*2. Allows friends and family who cannot join the Mighty Steps Walk to support their loved ones with Down syndrome.

Join In the Fun By Following These Steps

Step 1: Fill out the form below to receive a Welcome email from UDSF.

Step 2: Check your Welcome email for your login and password to Bonfire.

Step 3: Design your Team T-shirt (watch the easy tutorial video here).

Step 4: Send your T-shirt campaign link to your family and friends and invite them to celebrate with you!

Step 5: Sell and order as many shirts as you can!  

Check out UDSF's store on Bonfire to see other teams' campaigns. Click Here.

Wear your shirts to the Mighty Steps walks and at all UDSF activities! 

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  • Calvin Curtis is UDSF's Platinum Plus Sponsor for our Mighty Steps for Down Syndrome Walk 2020. His generosity and support over the past few years have made a real difference in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families across Utah.

  • Gossner Cache Silver Sponsor MS 2019

  • At Catalyst Behavior Solutions we prepare our clients to reach their full potential and achieve future success through the use of evidence-based and data-driven treatment methods. We believe in the growth of people of all abilities.

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