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Jodi Lutkin

Jodi Lutkin

Jodi has been actively involved in the Down syndrome community since 2012. She served as a member of the Board of Directors with the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. She is currently working on her Masters of Motherhood with her 5 children, ranging from ages 12-23. Her youngest daughter Sara, has Down syndrome. She and her family live in Murray. Jodi's professional background includes banking management, finance, and bookkeeping. Jodi is not only an advocate and leader within her local Down syndrome community but she's an advocate and supporter of special needs adoption and foster care. She served as a support coordinator for Reece's Rainbow since 2010 and a National Down Syndrome Congress Convention representative. Jodi is also the founder of the BeaUT21ful Mamas' Retreat, a retreat specifically supporting women in Utah who have children with Down syndrome. She loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys bringing people together. She enjoys organizing events, attending concerts, plays and musicals, singing, writing, thrift shopping, and collecting freckles in the sun. Outdoor activities like walking along the Jordan River Parkway, hiking, camping, and boating are some of her favorites. She loves her dog Harriet and her grand dog Mae as much as she loves mashed potatoes and gravy. She LOVES mashed potatoes and gravy! She enjoys traveling even if it's just to Midway or St. George, but Hawaii and England are her top picks. Having a child with Down syndrome is a blessing to Jodi and her family. They have found joy in their journey through the lessons they've learned and the friendships and connections they’ve made within the T21 Club, Club 21, Team 21, the Lucky Few. (Whatever you call it, it's the best membership to have.) Jodi is excited to continue serving the Down syndrome community here in Utah as it continues to grow. "The best part about the future is that is comes one day at a time."

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