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The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation's mission is providing hope to individuals, their families, and the community through support, education, activities, outreach, and advocacy.


The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation wants to wish you a Happy New Year! 2023 is the year to be! The year to be anything you want to be and we want to help you! We have lots of things in store this year and look forward to the many memories we will make. We are a very unique community who support each other. We truly have the best membership card in our back pockets. We have lots to do, share, and enjoy, together! Join us for another year of magic! 



2023, The Year To Be!

Twenty twenty three (2023), the year to be .............! (Fill in the blank.) The year to be anything you want to be! Out with the old and in with the new. Here is a suggestion to help you build good habits and a better life. Try the simple 21/90 rule. Commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 straight days. After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal should have become a habit. Once you’ve established that habit, you continue to do it for another ninety days. If you can keep up something for three weeks and then ninety days, then it should become a permanent lifestyle change. Remember, these goals do not have be grand. Instead of challenging yourself to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, start with 2. If you want to drink more water, don't start out drinking half your body weight in water each day, drink an extra 8 oz. that you would normally not have drank. Running a marathon is a great goal to have but maybe you just need to walk an extra mile each day or take the stairs when you have the option. Most people enjoy reading but have a hard time making the time to do so. Pick up a book and read the same amount of pages per posts that you read on your social media accounts. Was there a time when you had a hobby that you really enjoyed? But over time it was lost? Spend a few minutes here and there to write again, or paint, or pick up the instrument that you can still play. Before you know it, you will complete a masterpiece. Want to be more positive? Write down one thing each day that brings you joy and soon you will discover that your life will look a lot more brighter. Inch by inch life can be a cinch! Small but mighty changes can bring success. This is your year to be! Healthier. Stronger. Smarter. Talented. Positive. The possibilities are endless to be who you want to be! Remember, 21/90. 

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First Call of Hope

Receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis can be overwhelming. If you need to speak with someone immediately, someone who can relate and offer support, please call. Our number here at the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation 801-446-1994. We are just one call away and your first call of hope. Leave a message and one of our trained, new parent mentors will call you. 

21K Gold

Pure gold is notated as 24K. This is the highest karat level for gold meaning it is 100% pure gold. Precious, valuable, special, bright, brilliant, a treasure, favorable, lucky are words that describe gold. All of these words also describe individuals with Down syndrome. That extra 21st chromosome they all posses make them 21K gold which is close enough to being 100% pure. Most will agree that Down syndrome is 100% golden. 21K pure gold! Magic! (It's no coincidence that one of the colors that represents DS is gold.)



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