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Mighty Steps for Down Syndrome

For decades, the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation (UDSF) has held annual "Buddy Walks." In 2018, UDSF changed the name to "Mighty Steps for Down Syndrome."  The purpose of these walks is to promote advocacy and awareness of Down syndrome in Utah communities across the state.  Additionally, these walks are UDSF's annual fundraising campaign. 

Fundraise & Spread Awareness for Down Syndrome

One T-shirt At A Time!

Design a T-shirt for your Mighty Steps Team

Wear T-shirt to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, at all UDSF activities, and in October awareness month

Why? Building a team around IDS to support and help them achieve their potential. 

Kid feels loved, supported, biggest fans.  

Possibilities instead of limitations

Together, Individuals with Ds CAN

Why Fit in when you were born to stand out


Together, we can help individuals with Ds unleash their potential. 

We're Your Biggest Fan! 

Sometimes the things you can't change, end up changing us instead

Show your kid they mean the world to you - Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!   You mean the world to Us! Build a Team for them. Help them Take Mighty Steps


Team Biuilding

Best Team Ever




Join Haley's Golfers and he


With an Open mindset, teams can achieve great things. They can truly unleash their potential. But what does Open really mean? It’s not about the type of office or the perks of the job. It’s not even about the tools you use – although they help. Truly Open work is a frame of mind. It is the willingness to share your point of view, and listen to the point of view of others.

  • Calvin Curtis is UDSF's Platinum Plus Sponsor for our Mighty Steps for Down Syndrome Walk 2020. His generosity and support over the past few years have made a real difference in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families across Utah.

  • Gossner Cache Silver Sponsor MS 2019

  • At Catalyst Behavior Solutions we prepare our clients to reach their full potential and achieve future success through the use of evidence-based and data-driven treatment methods. We believe in the growth of people of all abilities.

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