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Navigating Down Syndrome

At a Glance

The Upside to Down Syndrome

(JANE granted UDSF permission to post this video)

"Extra Chromosomes Please"

by Jessica Egan
  • "Extra Chromosomes Please!" by Jessica Egan

    "When I placed my order I said, “Regular amount of chromosomes, please!” That’s what everyone else got and what I wanted too. They called me shortly after my order was in production and said “Great news, we went ahead and upgraded you to extra chromosomes for free! You’ll receive the extra chromosomes with your completed order in 9 months.” What?! I was mad! All the other orders I had seen displayed via perfect Instagram posts did NOT have extra chromosomes. Well I decided that receiving my order with extra chromosomes was better than not receiving an order at all, so I settled in to wait for this surprise upgrade to arrive. I have now had my order for two months and am writing this review to let others know the upgrade to extra chromosomes is amazing!! If offered, definitely take it! This picture is of the finished product and you can see the extra chromosome is so worth it - it is extra cute, extra special, and extra-ordinary! So much extra joy. Would purchase again for sure."

It's a Better Place

Since You Came Along

You CAN Do It!

(This video was filmed in Utah)

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