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Dentistry & Down Syndrome

Advice from Utah Down Syndrome Foundation's Parents

Advice from Utah Down Syndrome Foundation's Parents

A survey was sent to members of the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation asking for their advice on taking a loved one with Down syndrome to the dentist. The following are their responses:

  • “Try a couple of different places to find the right fit for you.”
  • “My child went to the dentist once a year, and they could never do a cleaning, checkup, or take x-rays until they did a sedation. So, sedation is probably going to be needed."
  • “Even though it’s a challenge, it’s really important for them to see the dentist."
  • “Establish a rapport from a young age. Have them watch you or siblings go first so they can see the process."
  • “Let them come and watch when you go to the dentist for an exam."
  • “Be aware of the simple things that people do such as spitting and opening wide. Individuals with Down syndrome have a hard time with doing these."


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