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Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety at the Dentist

Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety at the Dentist

The following are suggestions to help reduce anxiety at the dental office:

  • Talk to your dentist about your child's anxiety beforehand.
  • Communicate about your child's past dental experiences and don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions and strategies.
  • Visit the dental office prior to your child's appointment to get him or her acquainted with the staff and the environment.
  • Choose a low stress time for the appointment to help keep you and your child from feeling rushed.
  • Request a longer appointment or to split the procedure into two separate appointments.
  • Develop a signal between you and your dentist that lets the dentist know that you or your child needs a break from a procedure or exam.
  • Distract your child by bringing their favorite toy, book, or headphones and a tablet to listen to music or watch their favorite show during the procedure. 
  • Ask the dentist about the different sedation options that are available for your child in order to reduce anxiety.
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