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Utah Down Syndrome Foundation

Does a member of your family have Down syndrome? Has your baby been prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome? Are you the parents of a newborn with Down syndrome? Are you and a family member with Down syndrome moving to Utah? Please contact us for information. We have parent volunteers to help and support you and your family and to answer any questions. 

The UTAH DOWN SYNDROME FOUNDATION brings families together to build a community and help individuals with Down syndrome reach their highest potential. We provide programs and services for parents and families as well as for individuals with the condition. With knowledge and support, you can be your child's best advocate.





Come Let Your Voice Be Heard!


Public opinion needed before the House Committee:
Tomorrow, Wednesday
February 6, 2019 at 4PM
Room 20, House Building, Utah State Capital (same as last year).
House Bill 205 is now House Bill 166
This bill protects unborn children in Utah from discrimination based on a diagnosis (or belief) that they have Down syndrome.
HB 166 HighlightsFamily-with-Ds-Child.jpg
1) Defines "Down syndrome."
2) Requires the Department of Health to create a Down syndrome informational support sheet and publish the same information on the department's website.
3) Requires that a pregnant woman be provided certain information before receiving an abortion when a prenatal screening or diagnostic test indicates that the pregnant woman's unborn child has or may have Down syndrome.
4) After expressly permitted by a court of binding authority, prohibits a person from performing, inducing, or attempting to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman who is seeking the abortion solely because an unborn child has or may have Down syndrome.
 5) Requires an abortion pathology report to provide information about whether an aborted child had or may have had Down syndrome.
 6) Requires a physician who performed an abortion to state whether the physician had any knowledge that the pregnant woman sought the abortion solely because the unborn child had or may have had Down syndrome.
  • Other states have passed similar bills. Some of these bills are being contested in court due to the abortion piece. Thus, the abortion part of HB 166 will only be triggered if other states successfully litigate their bills. However, the education part of HB 166 is still on the table.

Learn More Here


UDSF encourages you to attend!




Who: All adults with Down syndrome ages 18 and up.
When: Friday, March 1st
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: 11473 South Chapel View Drive, South Jordan (LDS church building)
What: Join us for a night of fun and games hosted by hosted by a local youth group.
Refreshments served. 
Registration comming soon





2019 Birthday Card Club


We are pleased to announce Cold Stone as our 2019 Birthday Card Club Sponsor! Cold Stone has been a supporter in the past and we are pleased to have them back!


If you or your loved one have Down syndrome and would like to join the club use the link below to begin recieving a birthday card each year during your birthday month. Please put the name of the individual with Down syndome under "Child's name" and include the month of their birthday under "Child's Birthday". While signing up you can also elect to recive emails from our different community groups or begin getting our newsletter.

UDSF hopes you have a wonderful birthday this year!


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